Popcorn Stitch Flower

free crochet pattern textured popcorn stitch flower
A quick and easy flower pattern... ♥
Embellish your next project with this wonderfully textured crochet flower found at B. Hooked Crochet.


Ruffle Wreath

free crochet ruffle wreath pattern
Crochet for your entryway... ♥
Visit Kit's Crafts and make a Ruffle Wreath and these pretty felt flowers too!


Granny Square Stool Cover

free crochet pattern granny square stool cover
My Rose Valley is sharing this how to... ♥
A granny cover that fits snugly on top of square stools.


Yarn Crafting With Kids: Tiny Yarn Butterflies

scarp yarn butterfly tutorial
Tiny yarn butterflies made with yarn scraps... ♥
Visit homemade@myplace and make bunches of these!


Mandala Rug

free crochet pattern mandala rug
Make a Mandala Rug with t-shirt yarn... ♥
An easy to follow step-by-step photo tutorial found at Crafttuts+.


White Russian Skirt

free crochet white russian skirt pattern
Crochet a lacy summer skirt... ♥
Find this gorgeous design at Positively Lace.


Clamshell Pattern

free crochet clamshell pattern
A free tutorial found at Cherry Heart... ♥
Use this pretty pattern to make lots of lovely things.


Mamachee Giveaway Winners

The Mamachee giveaway winners according to random.org... Commenters 267 and 63! Unique2who and lanelynn you are the lucky winners. Please send me an email so we can send you 5 patterns of choice from Mamachee! A big thanks to everyone who entered and to Tara for hosting this super fun giveaway.



Woven Blanket

free crochet woven blanket pattern
free crochet woven blanket pattern
Visit Atelje' Virkpia and crochet a woven blanket... ♥
I would love to try this! Find the pattern in english at the bottom of the post.


Mamachee Giveaway

A super fun giveaway Wednesday!
From one of my all time favorite designers...
Tara from Mamachee
I'm so excited to introduce you to Tara!
I've been a fan of Mamachee since... forever. ♥
Tara's shop is filled with inspiring designs. It's almost impossible to pick a favorite. There's something for everyone at Mamachee!
You will love getting to know Tara!
Here's a little piece of her story:
"My sweet Mama taught me to crochet a long time ago, but I didn't really start crocheting a whole lot until I had my first baby. I don't think I've put my hook down since my son was born 6 years ago.
I've designed over 100 patterns since 08 (I don't know how I did that) and still have my design book full of ideas, I just recently started another shop too called: I Like Big Hooks (on etsy and ravelry - I'm very excited about it!).
I get asked all the time, how I came up with the name Mamachee. Here is my story: I come from German heritage and my Mama liked to play German music. My favorite song was Mamatschi by Heinje (you can find this song on youtube). Mamatschi means Mama. I decided to spell it Mamachee, instead of Mamatschi for easy spelling.
What more could I have asked for? I am able to stay home with my kids (I've been blessed with four beautiful, mini people), share the craft that I love and help support my family.
Tara -
It's my belief that people who crochet, are the best of people!"
Today Tara is giving away...
5 patterns of choice to 2 lucky readers!

Here are 5 ways you can enter to win:

1. Visit Mamachee, then leave a comment here telling us which patterns you would like to win.
2. "Like" Mamachee on Facebook
3. Follow Tara's blog EASY Make Me Happy.
4. Pin your favorite Mamachee pattern.
5. Share this giveaway!

Please leave a comment for each separate entry.
This giveaway ends Sat., April 20th at 9:00 pm CT.
Thanks Tara for sponsoring this super fun giveaway.
We ♥ Mamachee!


Spring Time Coasters

free crochet pattern spring coasters
Loving the sweet little embellishments on these... ♥
Visit Maize Hutton and crochet a set of Spring Time Coasters.


How To Crochet A Sweet Little Bow

Sweet Little Bows inspired by Bianca Gerwien's Sweet Little Belts... ♥
  I first made these sweet little bows last October. Two little gals requested that I make them nerdy crochet bows to go with their Halloween costumes... I did my best but they turned out to be not so nerdy and seriously cute!
These bows work up quickly, are easy to make and little girls love them! Wanna give them a try?
Here's the how to...
You will need:
Worsted Weight Yarn
(Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton for the sample.)
Size U.S. G/6 (4.25mm) Hook
Scissors & Tapestry Needle
Ribbon 5/8"
Sewing Machine
Clear Sewing Thread
Hot glue gun
Alligator Hair Clip 1 1/4"
Straight Pin
Step 1: Crochet the main piece for your Sweet Little Bow.

Starting out: Leaving a long end of yarn (about 30"), ch 25.
Row 1: Work 1 sc into the 2nd chain from hook. Continue working 1 sc into each chain stitch to end. (24 sc)
Row 2: Ch 1, turn. Work 1 sc into first sc from previous row. Continue working 1 sc into each sc to end. (24 sc)
Row 3-5: Repeat Row 2.
Fasten off leaving a long end of yarn (about 30").
Step 2: Cut a piece of ribbon about half an inch shorter than your finished crochet piece. Center the ribbon on top of your crochet piece leaving about a quarter of an inch of crochet fabic exposed on each end.
Step 3: Dab a dot of hot gule on one end of the crochet piece to attach the ribbon. Secure the other end of the ribbon with a straight pin, this will hold the ribbon in place for Step 4.
Step 4: Starting on the left or right hand side of the end with the hot glue run a seam across the edge of the ribbon to the other side.  Repeat this step on both sides. Cut threads.
Step 5: Hold the ends together. With one of the long ends whip stitch the edges together. Both of the long ends will end up on the same side.
Step 6: Center the seam at the center back of your bow.
Step 7: Squeeze the center of the bow and begin wrapping one long end of yarn around the center of the bow leaving about a 3" tail to tie off. Wrap the other long end around the center of the bow in the opposite direction leaving a long tail to tie off.
Step 8: Tie the two ends together and secure with a double knot.
Step 9:  Weave the two ends under the wrapped yarn on the back side of the bow.
Step 10: Slip the alligator clip under the wrapped yarn and secure the clip with a dot of hot glue.
That's it! 
I do hope a few of you give these a try. If you make them and post them PLEASE send me a link!

I'm linking up at Daisy Cottage Designs Off the Hook Link Party!


Shell Wraps

free crochet pattern shell wraps
free crochet pattern shell wrap necklaces
I've fallen in love with these crochet shell wraps by Nicollie. Make a bowl full to admire or turn them into a charming necklace to wear any season. ♥


Adam's Lamb Bonnet

Crochet a lamb bonnet for baby... ♥
A free pattern download available on Ravelry by Delphine Lauret.


Crochet Cake

free crochet amigurumi cake pattern
Crochet cake that looks good enough to eat... ♥
Find this fun design at Little Things Blogged.


Granny Square Ottoman Cover

free crochet pattern granny square ottoman cover
Anna Virginia is sharing a fabulous tutorial on how to cover an ottoman with granny squares. ♥


Chevron Baby Blanket

A chevron blanket with a straight edge... ♥
Eat, Knit & DIY is sharing this how to. I've been looking for a pattern like this. It's going on my list!


Frayed Knot Giveaway Winners

The winners according to random.org... Commenters 63, 37 and 108! katkell2645, Before the Sun Goes Down, and Kim please send me an email so we can send you your patterns. A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered and to Frayed Knot for sponsoring this sweet little giveaway. ♥ 


Apricot Baby Bonnet

A modern design with a vintage feel... ♥
Crochet an Apricot Bonnet for baby at Crochetlatte.


Penelope Apron

A child size apron thats perfect for helping in the kitchen or for the dress up box when playing pretend. Find this vintage inspired design at CreateBellaCreate.


Frayed Knot Giveaway

A Wednesday giveaway.
Sponsored by... Frayed Knot
The WINNER of the Design War II challenge!
Jonna is the designer behind this handmade shop. A girl with a love of designing unique and fun crochet patterns that are easy to read and easy to follow. Patterns that are perfect for even beginner crocheters.
Meet Jonna:
"Hi I'm Jonna from Frayed Knot and my mom taught me the basics of crochet as a child. I've always been crafty and I have the need to express myself through some form of design so when I picked up the crochet hook again... it clicked! That was one year ago. I've found my niche in pattern writing and it is truly a passion of mine. I enjoy seeing everyones take on my designs and how they infuse their own style. It is very inspiring and encourages me to keep designing!"
Today 3 lucky readers will win a pattern of choice from Frayed Knot!

To Enter:
Visit the shop and then leave a comment here telling us which pattern you would like to win.
Additional Entries:
1. Pin your favorite Frayed Knot pattern.
2. Follow the Frayed Knot blog.
3. "Like" Frayed Knot on Facebook.
4. Share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter.

Jonna also has a special offer for Tangled Happy readers... 40 % off your entire purchase!!! Today only at the Frayed Knot Ravelry StoreUse coupon code THFANS at checkout.

Please leave a comment for each separate entry. This giveaway ends Sat., April 6th at 9:00 pm CT.
Thanks Jonna for sponsoring this sweet little giveaway.
We ♥ Frayed Knot!


Crochet Chair Pouch

free crochet pattern chair pouch
Perfect for patios... ♥
A free pattern available for download at freepatterns.com.


Crochet Bike Seat Cover

Pretty up your bicycle with a crochet seat cover... ♥
Find this easy project at And Sew We Craft.
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