Folded Potholders

The Boring Knitter is sharing this classic folded potholder pattern. A quick handmade gift idea that might be perfect for a few people on your list. ♥


  1. I just love visiting crochet blogs as they're always so full of wonderful colourful crocheted goodness and projects. Those folded potholders look nice and neat and so useful! I do have a soft spot for the Fanciful Flower ones though - even though I would hate to get them food soiled by actually using them!
    Thank you for popping into Reflections and Nature and for leaving a friendly comment!
    I love photography, but I also love crochet and am making masses of snowflakes at the moment to add to some of my Christmas cards and to decorate my home! Best wishes, Sandra

    1. These do look very practical! We should probably all own a few of these. Crochet snowflakes would be a perfect addition to a Christmas card! I have a colorful crochet snowflake how to scheduled to post this Friday. They do make wonderful holiday decor!


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