Granny's Guitar Strap

free crochet pattern granny square guitar strap
A little something I whipped up for my favorite guitarist. A girl who dreamt of learning to play guitar. And now... She fills my days with music. ♥

She also loves her Granny's Guitar Strap!
Maybe your favorite guitarist would like to have one of these. Here's the how to...

You will need:
Worsted Weight Yarn
(Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton for the sample)
Size U.S. F/5 (3.75mm) Hook
Scissors & Tapestry Needle

Size: Finished guitar strap measures approximately 3" wide x 32" long. Make a longer or shorter guitar strap by increasing or decreasing the number of granny squares for desired length (finished squares measure 3"x 3")
how to make a granny square
Starting out: Crochet 10 granny squares 2 rounds each or number of squares required for desired length.
Note: For this project I recommend working ch 2 in the corner spaces instead of ch 3 as shown in the link above.
how to join granny squares
The last round will be completed using Sarah Londons join as you go method. Love this method!
Work the first granny square to completion (3 rounds)Then follow Sarah Londons tutorial on Flickr How to Join Granny Squares (follow steps 3-9 for this project).
how to make a granny square guitar strap
After joining all your squares...
Join yarn in corner of end square. 
Row 1: Ch1 (counts as first sc). Work 1 sc in next stitch. Continue working 1 sc in each stitch and ch 1 space across. Then work 1 sc in corner space. (13sc)
Row 2: Ch1, turn. Sc2tog. Sc 9. Sc2tog. (11sc)
Row 3: Ch1, turn. Sc2tog. Sc 7. Sc2tog. (9sc)
Row 4: Ch1, turn. Sc2tog. Sc 5. Sc2tog. (7sc)
Row 5: Ch1, turn. Sc2tog. Sc 3. Sc2tog. (5sc)
Row 6: Ch1, turn. Sc2tog. Sc 1. Sc2tog. (3sc)
Row 7: Ch 4, turn. Skip a stitch and join in next sc.
how to make a granny square guitar strap
Row 8: Work 6 sc evenly spaced up the edge of the decreases. Work 1 sc in the corner space. Continue working 1 sc in each stitch, ch 1 and corner space across.
When you reach the other end...
Work a 2nd sc into the last corner space. Working across other end sc in each stitch and ch 1 space. Then work 1 sc in corner space. (13sc)
Now repeat row 2-8.
how to make a granny square guitar strap
Finish: Work 6 sc evenly spaced down the edge of the decreases. Then work 4 sc around the ch 4. Join with slip stit in next sc. Tie off.
how to make a granny square guitar strap
At this point you will have one unfinished edge on the other end of your strap. Join yarn in sc in corner space at other end. Ch1, work 6 sc evenly spaced down the edge of the decreases. Then work 4 sc around the ch 4. Join with slip st in next sc. Tie off. Weave in ends.
If your guitar has two strap buttons your finished!
 If your guitar has one strap button make a chain the desired length (ours is 24" long) then tie the chain to the strap through one of the button holes creating a loop. 
how to attach a granny square guitar strap
Attach the strap by sliding the loop under the strings behind the "nut" then slip the other end of the strap through the loop and pull until chain is snug. Attach other end to the button on the bottom of guitar. 
free crochet pattern granny square guitar strap
I do recommend lining your Granny's Guitar Strap to keep it from stretching. I followed the same basic method used in this tutorial.
To line your guitar strap you will need a long piece of fabric (at least as long as your strap). Fold the fabric in half right sides together. Lay your strap on top of the fabic and trace around the guitar strap. Cut along the outline trough both layers of fabric. Pin right sides together and run a 1/4" seam along the edges leaving an opening at one end to turn your peice right side out. After turning right side out sew a 1/4" seam to close the open end. Pin the fabric to the back of your guitar strap. Then follow this tutorial from Future Girl to sew the lining onto the strap.
free crochet pattern granny square guitar strap
Hopefully I didn't make this sound to complicated...
It's actually quite simple and works up really quickly! I whipped up a second one for this tutorial in one afternoon. I do hope some of you will find this useful... A colorful guitar strap to help inspire the making of beautiful music. And... To encourage one little girl to live her dream!


  1. Love this and congratulations to your sweet guitar player!! :)

  2. Cute!! I will be doing boy colors and hopefully have enough of the fabric in mind to make one for my middle boy. Perhaps this will inspire him to pick up his guitar more often! Thank you for the inspiration and tutorial!

  3. I have plenty of friends who would love this!

  4. So amazingly cute! I need to make one for my banjo!!

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