Yarn Blossom Boutique Giveaway Winners

The winners of the Yarn Blossom Boutique Giveaway according to random.org...
Commenters 105, 23, and 8!
Congrats to Lexi S, illusionsgraphik, and Aisyah.
A huge THANK YOU to Melissa for hosting this giveaway and to everyone who entered.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!



Yarn Crafting With Kids: Pom Pom Scarf

Help your little people make their very own pom pom scraf. Find the directions at Pom Pom Emporium.


Quick and Easy Bangles

Head over to Maude and Me and make a crocheted bangle! These two made with wool mohair look really nice. ♥


Doily Rug

Make a doily rug!
 Creative Jewish Mom is sharing this how to.
Loving this one!


Colour In A Simple Life

A few new favorites just in time for the new year...
Find these two pretty patterns and more at...


Jolly Holly

A bit of happy colorful Christmas cheer from Attic 24.
Wishing you all a Jolly Holly Christmas this year!


Yarn Crafting With Kids: Yarn Scrap Ornament

I adore these yarn scrap ornaments found via Pinterest.
The little girls and I made yarn scrap star ornaments and then tied them on top of our packages. ♥
Find this idea and all my other Handmade Christmas favorites here.


Yarn Blossom Boutique Giveaway

This weeks giveaway Wednesday is from...
An adorable Etsy shop stocked with adorable designs.
Meet Melissa:
"Hello my name is Melissa and I am the creator behind Yarn Blossom Boutique!  My love of crochet began as a young teenager when I taught myself how to make afghans and other simple projects.  My knowledge and experience grew over the years.  However, I would go months without picking up my crochet hook because of the love I have to create anything crafty with my hands.  In college I studied  interior design and floral design and enjoyed working in these fields, but my biggest dream came true when I became a mommy and was able to stay home with my kids (now ages 4 and 2).  I loved being a new mom, but really missed having a creative outlet.  Then I remembered how much I enjoyed crocheting and discovered it was the perfect medium for me!  However, I could never follow a pattern exactly.  I always had to change it in someway and then pretty soon I just gave up following patterns entirely and started creating my own.  I was constantly making items for my kids or friends and after being asked repeatedly if I sold my creations I began to think about starting an Etsy shop, but didn't think I had the time.  Then I thought about selling patterns!  In March of this year I took the plunge and Yarn Blossom Boutique came into exsistance.  I LOVE creating crochet patterns.  It is the perfect design outlet for me and gives me the opportunity to share my creations with others and see them have joy in working with their hands as I do!"
Today Melissa is giving away 1 pattern of choice to 3 Tangled Happy Readers. Hurray!

Here's how YOU can win: 
1. Visit Yarn Blossom Boutique and browse through the adorableness. Then come back here and tell us which pattern you would like to win.
2. "Like" Yarn Blossom Boutique on Facebook and keep up to date on new patterns, upcoming sales and giveaways.
3. Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.

Please leave a comment for each separate entry.
This giveaway ends Saturday, Dec. 24th at 9:00 pm CT.
Thanks Melissa for hosting this giveaway.
We ♥ Yarn Blossom Boutique!


Garland Ornaments

Pretty up your packages with handmade ornaments!
 Find the pattern for this quick and easy crochet garland ornament at Chalky's World.


Cakewalk Yarns Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Cakewalk Yarns Giveaway is...
Commenter #186..
Hurray for Gracey is not my name...! You're the lucky winner. Send me an email so we can send you your yarn.
If you didn't win but you love Cakewalk Yarns... Be sure stop over and show your support. Use coupon code TANGLED10 at checkout and get 10% off your entire purchase now through December 31st. How perfect!
Thank you Rose for sponsoring this YUMMY giveaway and to everyone who entered!



Yarn Crafting With Kids: Mantle Art

More colorful Christmas trees...
Made into mantle art! Get the direction to make these festive trees at ENJOYING THE SMALL THINGS.


Cakewalk Yarns Giveaway

Hurray! Another Wednesday giveaway...
Sponsored by Rose from Cakewalk Yarns.
A little handmade shop filled with the most delicious hand-dyed yarns!
These are just a few of my favorites. ♥
Meet Rose:
"I am so excited to share my hand-dyed yarn treats with you!  I’m Rose, Confessed Yarn Snob. I love to work with beautiful fibers but I got bored with the traditional colorways out there.  So, I started dyeing my own & before you know it I’d converted an extra room into a studio.  Eventually, my passion for dyeing became a new business - I opened my Etsy shop almost a year ago and haven’t looked back.   My goal is to create hand-dyed yarns for people like me who can’t live without color.
Cakewalk Yarns carries seven lush yarn bases ranging from lace weight to aran. I hand dye a rainbow of variegated & tonal colorways in the traditional manner. But, the ones that really sing to me are my signature speckled yarns!  I have a very unconventional multi-step process to layer on the colors. I absolutely love to experiment with the dyes to create a little skein of art.  But, don’t be afraid to use them! They stitch up just beautifully & the results are a bit different from the look of a traditional variegated yarn.  Favorite Cakewalk Yarns and stop by anytime for a delicious hand-dyed treat (they’re fat-free)!"
Today Rose is giving away one skein of choice from Cakewalk Yarns to one Tangled Happy reader!

Here's how you can win:
Browse trough the yumminess at Cakewalk Yarns and favorite Rose's shop. Then come back here and tell us which of these yummy treats you would like to win.
Additional Entries:
1. Follow or leave a comment on the Cakewalk Yarns blog.
2. Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.
3. Follow Tangled Happy on Facebook, GFC or RSS.

Rose is offering 10% off  to Tangled Happy readers now thru December 31st! Just in time to purchase some handmade gifts... A little skein of art for all your yarn loving friends. Use coupon code TANGLED10 at checkout.

Please leave a comment for each separate entry.
This giveaway ends Saturday, Dec. 17th at 9:00 pm CT. 
Thanks Rose for sponsoring this YUMMY giveaway.
We ♥ Cakewalk Yarns!



Convertible Lace Headband/Neckwarmer

I LOVE this convertible headband found at Rewind Knits and Crochet. And do you know what's super awesome about it... There's a free pattern for knitters and crocheters! A perfect gift for friends who frequently sport a ponytail or messy bun. Like me!


Sweet Kiwi Crochet Giveaway Winners

The winners according to random.org...
Commenter 28 and 78...
Hurray for Catherine Holman and barneynSend me an email with the name of the three patterns you submitted to win and I will get you in touch with Kandice.
Thank you to everyone who participated and to Sweet Kiwi Crochet for sponsoring this great giveaway!


Candy Cane Ornament

You can make a candy cane with this pattern found at Wiskers & Wool. Perfect for package decorating or as an ornament hanging on your Christmas tree!


Sweet Kiwi Crochet Giveaway

Today's giveaway comes from a new favorite sponsor...
A beautiful shop filled with patterns for young and old.
 The Aviator Bomber Hat is my absolute favorite!
But it's so hard to choose...
Because I really love this pattern too!
Here's Kandice in her own words:
" I started Sweet Kiwi Crochet during the summer of 2010. My husband was a full-time student and Walmart employee, and I was a recent college grad who couldn't find a real job. Since I was only working 2 part-time jobs, I had a lot of time to myself. The local farmers market was starting soon, so I thought I would whip up some hats and try my luck. Things got off to a mild start, but in August I showed up to the market with five giraffe hats. Two hours later they had all sold, and I knew I was on to something. Things snowballed from there.
I started writing patterns last fall, and it turns out I'm not too bad at it! I really enjoy coming up with new ideas, and figuring out how to make the pictures in my head into reality! I work mostly in animal-like hats, but recently have been expanding into different types of hats and accessories as well! I love what I do and can't wait for what's to come!"
Today Kandice is giving away 2 value packs (3 patterns of choice) to 2 Tangled Happy readers!!!

Here's how you can win:
Head over to Sweet Kiwi Crochet and browse through this beautiful shop. Then come back here and tell us which 3 patterns you would like to win.
Additional Entries:
1. "Like" Sweet Kiwi Crochet on Facebook.
2. Sign up to receive email notifications for the new Sweet Kiwi Crochet website(The box to enter your email address is at the bottom of the page, on the left.)
3. Leave a comment on the Sweet Kiwi Crochet blog.
4. Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

Kandice is also offering a discount to Tangled Happy readers now thru December 10th. Use coupon code TANGLED when checking out and get 25% off your entire purchase. How nice!

Please leave a comment for each separate entry.
This giveaway ends Saturday, Dec. 10th at 9:00 pm CT.
Thanks Kandice for sponsoring this great giveaway.


Snow Covered Ornament

More handmade happiness for your Christmas tree...
A Creative Being will show you how to make snow covered ornaments. How cool!

Thanks Wink for submitting to be featured on Tangled Happy! Do you have an amazing pattern to share? Click here to find out how.


Mini Snowman

Make a mini snowman ornament for your Christmas tree! Find the how to for these cuties at Dapper Toad. ♥


The Lovely Crow Giveaway Winners

The Lovely Crow giveaway winners according to random.org...
Commenters 40, 78, 87, 104 and 142.
Congratulations to Tabby, Sue, Michelle Riebeek, karingbear, and illusiongraphik!
Please send me an email with the name of the pattern you submitted to win and I will get you in touch with Elizabeth.
If you didn't win but you love The Lovely Crow... stop over and tell Elizabeth how much you love her designs.
Thank you Elizabeth for sponsoring this great giveaway!


Yarn Crafting With Kids: Chained Wreath Ornament

Last Sunday we made...
Button and Chained Wreath Ornaments
Some to keep and some to giveaway...
These two are now hanging happily on our Christmas tree.
This is a perfect beginner crochet project. Little people (or big people...) can perfect their chain stitch and whip up a chained wreath ornament at the same time.
Here's what you need... yarn, scissors, a crochet hook (any size will do) and ribbon.
Grab your yarn and hook and chain until your string measures about 5 feet long. Join with a slip stitch into the first chain creating a BIG loop. Tie off. Wrap the BIG loop around your fingers until you have a nice neat little circle. Tie the circle at the top using the tail from the starting and ending chain. Cut another piece of yarn, fold it in half, tie a knot and then tie this piece around your circle. Add some ribbons and your done.
Handmade happiness for your Christmas tree. ♥
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