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Hi Girls! I do hope you're enjoying getting to know the talented designers featured here the last few weeks.
Today I'd like to introduce you to Martha from
Long Beach Designs.
Meet Martha:
"Firstly, many thanks to Sara of Tangled Happy for contacting me about this feature post.  It’s always fun to meet kindred spirits with a passion for the fabulous fiber arts!
My name is Martha McKeon and my Etsy shop for the crochet patterns I design is Long Beach Designs. I have two wonderful grown daughters, and two incredibly adorable baby grandsons, who have given me immense pleasure in spoiling and adorning with my handcrafts.  
My background is primarily self-taught, including decades of knitting, crocheting and sewing, as well as three completely unrelated college degrees. For many years when my girls were growing up, I had a small cottage business out of my home doing English hand smocked baby clothes on a consignment basis for the Federation of Women’s Exchanges in the New York/New England area. Having two beautiful daughters to adorn with my creations was an added blessing. A hiatus ensued for over a decade, when I worked in horticulture, and then “the grandson” arrived....Out came the long forgotton knitting needles, and the rest is Etsonian history.... 
I love working with a variety of fiber related mediums to create one of a kind articles. The joy of making interesting pieces for family and friends is an extra bonus. Sewing, knitting and crocheting are my favorite vehicles for expression. 
I have been a serious pattern collector for many years. This Etsy shop was a natural evolvement for my tendency to create one of a kind items from my ideas, and then move on to incubating another design from another idea, and so on and so forth. 
I went in the direction of crochet design in part due to my frustration with commercial crochet pattern instructions.  I was also determined to make crochet pieces that looked and draped more like knitted garments, and that were attractive and stylish.  Most of my designs use large hooks and two strands of cotton blend yarn, which contributes to the look I aim for."
Here are some of Martha's favorite and most popular patterns: 
Mountain Jam Earflap Hat
Martha is offering a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE pattern sale to Tangled Happy readers now through Thanksgiving. This is a great offer! So be sure to stop over and take a look at all of the patterns at Long Beach Designs. To take advantage of this offer mention "Tangled Happy" and your free pattern of choice in the message section of the Etsy invoice.
Thanks Martha for partnering up and featuring your shop on Tangled Happy.
We ♥ Long Beach Designs!


  1. Cute stuff! That Mountain Jam earflap is really neat looking. =)

  2. Wow! What a great post! Heading over to see her Etsy shop right now.


  3. (> " " <) (> " " <) (> " " <)
    ( ='o'= ) ( ='o'= ) ( ='o'= )
    -(,,)-(,,)- -(,,)-(,,)--(,,)-(,,)-....

    from Chile


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