Ahimsa House Designs Giveaway

Today I'd like to introduce you to Abigail from
Abigail's designs are young...
and stylish...
You will love getting to know Abigail:
"Hi there!  My name is Abigail of Ahimsa House Designs and I’m so pleased to introduce myself!  Ahimsa is a term that means “no harm” and this is something I try my very best to live by.  My college roommate and I stumbled upon crochet years ago as a way to relax after long days of classes.  It wasn’t long before I started to notice a personal need for fresh, stylish, and fun-to-wear crochet patterns.  Ever since then I have been hard at work creating gorgeous patterns that anyone of any age would want to make!  It is my specific hope that my designs will speak to young people and inspire them to put down their iPads and pick up a crochet hook!  It is the greatest satisfaction when somebody decides to embark on their own personal crochet journey because of witnessing the possibilities in my work.
I love nothing more than to start with a seed of an idea and manifest it with my trusty hooks and yarn stash.  Sharing my passion with others has been quite the blessing.  I hope the dedication I have shows in the classically beautiful yet modern designs I create.  I am so honored to be part of the deep-rooted and still growing crochet community of talent, passion, and creativity.
Stay tuned, I always have numerous designs in the works and each one is sure to be just as special as you dear reader!"

Abigail has gererously offered to giveaway 1 pattern of choice to 3 Tangled Happy readers!

So head over and browse all of the patterns at Ahimsa House Designs. You're sure to find a new favorite!
"Like" Abigail's Facebook page and leave a comment telling her which pattern you like best.
Be one of the first 3 commenters on Facebook and you will win one pattern of choice from Ahimsa House Designs.
You can also connect with Abigail on TwitterRavelry or the Ahimsa House Designs Website. Please stop over and welcome Abigail!
Thanks Abigail for partnering up and featuring your shop on Tangled Happy.


  1. I bought and made the Seraphina pattern (top picture). It worked up beautifully, was a real pleasure to do and looks absolutely beautiful. Love the designs. I love forward to more of them.

  2. Bu örgüler harika..fularları çok sevdim güzel örnekler.elinize sağlık.

  3. I love the Giant Leafy Tote pattern. I love huge bags =)

  4. I love the giant leafy tote too! I'm just a bag kinda lady!

  5. Ahimsa House Designs loves Tangled Happy! Thanks so much for having me!

  6. What a great find! Thank you for bringing her amazing style to us! :-)

  7. Love that bag too.The designs are beautiful and stylish.

  8. I love her already! I'm a young person :) and my grandmother in law taught me to crochet and I loved it ever since...well who ever wins congrates! I don't have a facebook:(

  9. She seem awesome!! Im loving the crochet apron at the end... not sure that I have exhausted all the other things on my list just yet to have time to make it but Ill keep it in mind!!! Have a great thanksgiving Sara!

  10. Everything thing is beautiful keep up the great work you make me wanna learn and try making things myself I have been only Crocheting for a year and its great seeing all the great thing we can make thanks


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