Just one more spooky spider and web... This one can be found at Snowcatcher. Deborah is not only a talented crochet designer, she has also rode 3,359 miles on her bicycle this year. Amazing! 
I'm feeling inspired get my bike out and ride. I would have to have my husband get it down from the garage ceiling first....
It would totally be worth it!
So many of you inspire me weekly.
What and who are inspiring you right now? 


  1. Hi,
    What a SUPER blog you have here! I'm so glad I stopped by!!! I love all your Halloween and autumn decoration ideas! We're having a Halloween party at home - and I'm looking for ideas to spook the house up. I may be borrowing some of your suggestions!!! Also, I'm a primary school teacher, and I think my pupils would love to have a go at some spooky crafts too!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration.....

  2. I think I'm going to have to work on some Halloween decorations this weekend... spiders and webs. Then I'm sure you'll put up more cool stuff next week =)

  3. Another great idea, thanks Sara.

  4. Thanks, Sara, for bringing my webflake back out into the open; he's been buried for months now!

    If you have good weather this weekend, I think you should ride! We were supposed to do some mountain biking in the San Juans, but Wolf Creek got 3 feet last night, and it's still snowing!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. oooooo a spider web and spider, I think I will need to make a few of these for my friend...she is having a Halloween party, so these would be perfect!

  6. Esto es precioso para Halloween.Buenas ideas Un abrazo de osezno y besotes.

  7. You are very welcome! Thanks or letting me share it. We did have gorgeous weather this weekend but I have yet to squeeze in any riding time. Think I need to get the girls new bikes. Theirs are a bit to small. I would love if we could all ride together. And wow... Snow already where you are. I'm NOT ready for that! Happy Sunday. :)

  8. Ha ha ha... More cool stuff next week for sure Jennifer. :)


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