Yarn Crafting With Kids: Chunky Yarn Friendship Bracelets

Remember how much you loved making friendship bracelets when you were a kid?
It's Just Jennifer... posted a tutorial on how to make this diagonal stripe friendship bracelet. Instead of using floss Jennifer suggested using yarn. This is a perfect alternative for tiny hands and I love how it gives a chunky look to these traditional bracelets.
We couldn't make just one...
So we headed downstairs to find our favorite 
Looked for our favorite designs.
And then made lots and lots of chunky yarn bracelets.

Making friendship bracelets is simple and fun!
 So grab your yarn and your kids and get to the business of creating. Then create smiles by sharing them with all your friends. 


  1. That's a great idea! You won an award in my blog! Be sure to stop on in and pass it on if you'd like!
    Grace Ann

  2. Oh wow!! My daughter and I just last night started making friendship bracelets....they are very addictive!

  3. Thanks for the link up =) Love your daughter's bracelets. We might have to look for that book.


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