Multi Color Bobble Stitch

More bobbletasticness found at Tales from Cuckoo Land. Another fabulous bobble stitch tutorial on how to make multi colored bobbles. Maybe make a colorful bobble blanket like this one. That would be quite nice!

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  1. Awesome! I tried to do that before and it was just a big mess. I never thought to crochet over the different color like that. Genius =)

  2. This is really pretty :) maybe I need to start another baby blanket!

  3. That is so cool (and so easy!!). Im loving reading (and watching your video tutorial)about your spinning too- might have to add a spindle to my wish list!! Have a happy Thursday! Janette

  4. I left a comment on this post yesterday and it's gone! Errrrgh, hate it when that happens. The general comment that I left was that I had just had a talk with myself about the need to finish off many of my started projects before engaging in something new, but after seeing the bobble blanket, I and the immediate urge to abandon that plan and start a bobble blankie! Your wonderful posts always inspire me to try new and wonderful things. Annette


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