How To Wind A Ball Of Yarn Off A Top Whirl Drop Spindle

So did you do it? Did you start spinning? 
I've seen lots of fun spinning adventures going on around the blogosphere this week. It's been so much fun seeing all your beautiful fiber creations.
For those of you following along you may be wondering "How do I know when my spindle is full?".
Well the simple answer is your spindle is full when you feel like it is. If your spindle seem to be spinning awkwardly and you're running out of space to wind on its probably full. So now your ready to wind your yarn off your spindle into a ball.
Grab your spindle and a deep bowl.
Place your spindle in the bowl. Find the end of your yarn and start winding. Wind tightly to keep your yarn untangled and to hold in the twist.
Start by wrapping the yarn around your fingers. Then pull the wrapped yarn off your fingers and wrap around the middle of the loops you started with. Fold the yarn in half and continue wrapping around the outside. Turn and continue wrapping. Repeat this last step until you have reached the end.
Cut the yarn from your leader and finish winding off into a nice tidy ball.
Then admire the amazing creation made with your very own hands. Completely fabulous!

Our end goal is to create a two ply yarn. So this week keep spinning and wind one more ball just like this one. Then next week I'll show you how to ply yarn on your top whirl drop spindle.

Just getting started spinning?
Start here.

Wishing you all a happy week!


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