Easy Egg Warmers and Backyard Chickens

Ever thought about having a backyard chicken or two? It would be the perfect reason to whip up a few of these easy egg warmers found at Pickles. Wouldn't it be quite nice to collect a few daily eggs from your backyard and cozy them up in these pretty little egg warmers. I'm really not even sure why and egg would need a warmer? But they are lovely to look at!
Want to find out more about keeping backyard chickens? Head over to Suburban Self Sustainment. You may be surprised to find that keeping chickens is possible even if you live in the suburbs. 
This is one of my new favorite blogs. One, because I love practicing self sufficiency on my little city lot. And two, because this is my big brother blog. He's new to the blogosphere and I know he would appreciate having some encouragement in his getting started phase. So if this is something your interested in as well go check it out. Leave a comment and create a new bloggy friendship. Share a self sustainment tip or ask a question about a self sustainment topic you want to learn more about.
I've thought about getting a backyard chicken or two. But what I really want is couple of backyard sheep! Best not to push my luck with the Tangled Happy Hubby. Still working on this one.
Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  1. Lovely post again Sara, thanks for sharing...I'm off to look at your brother's blog xox happy hooky weekend to you and yours x

  2. Thanks for the write up sis. I would be more than pleased to have all the wonderful tangled happy readers to come check out the blog. I look forward to y'alls visit.

  3. This will make a great Christmas gift for my friends who do have chickens. Thanks!

  4. Surely it's your hot *boiled* egg that needs a cosy, not a raw egg?! (To stop it going cold while you supervise the toddler spooning up her egg... Or maybe it's in the hope that they will bounce when dropped? Whatever, they're very pretty!

  5. How sweet! Thought I'd pop in to let you know I am having my first blog giveaway in case you wanted to check it out. Winners will be chosen Monday morning. ;-)

  6. Too cute, we have chickens and it's winter... what could be better than egg warmers!!!! Love your blog!


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