The Tangled Happy household just returned home from a two week road trip. Lots of driving and lots of fun! Our little garden grew and grew while we were away. And amazingly when we returned home there was a teeny tiny watermelon growing. Exciting! What's growing in your garden?

Watermelon pattern found a Kay's Blog.


  1. Hey Sara glad to hear you had loads of fun on your trip away.

    Not alot growing in my garden except some chook ravaged silverbeet, rhubarb, lettuce and a large Rosemary bush.

    Bit bare for Winter, but we'll give it a rest till Summer when it's at it's most productive..........

    That crocheted watermelon looks wonderfully Summery, delish.....

    Claire :}

  2. I'm so glad you had a great trip! And thanks for sharing that watermelon pattern, very very cute idea!!! :)

  3. That's cute! I'm glad I don't usually look at your site at home.... every time my kids see what you put up, my kids say that I must get to work on making it right away!

    Yay for good vacations! Glad you had a great time =)

  4. my garden has been totally taken over by strawberry plants...2 years ago i bought 3 plants...now they have spread and theres over 40 plants! for the past 2 weeks ive been picking on average 50 strawberries a day..lovely! but a bit too much for just me and my fiance ..theyre starting to come out of my ears lol

  5. Bean plants and roses are growing in our garden these days. We have to shade the little bean plants to protect them from the blazing summertime sun here in Arizona... we'll see if it works and we get any beans. :) And our little oranges and grapefruits are working on getting bigger before they get ripe in the wintertime.

  6. Lots of hydrangea and at least 6 tomatoes growing in my balcony! :) I'm so happy!
    Welcome back :)

  7. I love watermelon! And I love those crocheted slices, how cute! I didn't plant any veggies this year, but my blueberries are currently ripening and they are delish.

  8. Love those watermelons Sara. So glad you ahd a great time on your trip with your family. Did you get some time to work on some projects?
    happy monday,

  9. Oh, those watermelon slices are TOO cute. My garden has a ton of 'maters coming up from last years' bloom end rotted fruits that we just tossed on the ground!!! Can't ask for much better than that!

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