Merry Go Round Flower Ring

I'm loving these Merry Go Round Flower Rings at Coco Rose Diaries. In fact I love pretty much everthing there. You must go have a look! It's a wonderfully colorful inspiring place I know you will love too.
You could wear these Merry Go Rounds as a bracelet... Or turn them into whimsical little picture frames.
Find the pattern and tutorial here at Lola Nova.


  1. I adore Lola's Merry Go Rounds...I have made these and they are so easy and look fantastic!!!
    Lola also has a flickr group that you can share your finished work...

  2. burvīgi ziedu riņķi, paldies par linku :)

  3. My girls would adore them! I'll have to find some bangles soon. =)

  4. Gorgeous are they not! I love Coco Rose too, and all her divine colour choices ... mmm yummy xox Me thinks I need to make 1 or 2 or 3 ... of these. Thanks for reminding me about them x

  5. I made one last night - quick and easy! Thank you!


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