Look What My Mom Made!

Remember this post? It inspired the creation of this beautiful hexagon bag. Made by my Mom. It turned out perfectly and wonderfully colorful!
In honor of Mother's Day my thankful list.

Thank you for...
loving me just as I am.
your forgiveness when I have not deserved it.
being my biggest supporter in everything I do.
dreaming with me and believing they will come true.
always encouraging me when I want to give up.
countless prayers on my behalf.
teaching me Christ's love and forgiveness is even for me.
speaking truth into my life even when I don't want to listen.
loving my dad and teaching me how to love as a wife.
spending Sundays with me and listening to my endless chatter.
loving my husband and each of my children.
reminding me to be patient with a certain teenager and that this to will pass.
encouraging me to love unconditionally and without expectation.
being an amazing example of who I want to be as a mom.

I am blessed to have you as my mom and my best friend. You inspire and encourage me always. 

I love you! Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!!! x

  2. That's wonderful! Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!!! x

  3. I simply love this bag! And your touching words too. I think you're both lucky to have each other and I wish both you and your mum a very happy mothersday! X Floortje

  4. Lovely bag from a lovely woman. Happy Mother's Day to you Sara, sounds like your Mom helped make you the fantastic Mom that you are.
    Happy Friday,

  5. Thank you honey. I am crying and can barely see to type this. lol You are the sweetest, most amazing daughter a mom could have, you are a great mom, your children are living proof of that. Happy Mother's Day to you too, enjoy your little holiday with your hubby's family. xo love, mom

  6. Sara, love the bag, but mostly love what you wrote. It is so beautiful and says it all. Sounds like you are both two very lucky ladies. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom. xoRobin❤

  7. This is the sweetest thing :) As a mom, I can only imagine how your mother must feel with your honoring her on your blog :) Amazing!

  8. That is so sweet!!!! I know your mom will be very happy with those words!

  9. What a touching tribute to your mom- she sounds just as amazing as you! :) I hope that you both have a wonderful Mother's Day (and Sara's mom- the bag is beautiful! wonderful work!)

  10. Beautiful bag, wonderful tribute. I'm glad you treasure your Mother, she sounds like a fantastic lady.
    Carol xx

  11. What a beautiful bag, what a wonderful read. Happy Mother's Day and blessings to you and your mom.

  12. Oh that's so pretty, what a beautiful bag and poem xox

  13. What a wonderful bag, I love it !


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