Yarn Crafting With Kids: Birds Nest

 Growing Up Creative is sharing how to make a birds nest. Another must have addition to our fairy garden this spring. This cozy little nest would be the perfect place for a sleepy little fairy to rest. Some of you may be wondering... What is a fairy garden? Go have a look at The Magic Onions. You won't be able to resist making one of these beautiful, enchanting, magical gardens. 


  1. OMG. The bird's nest is cute, but I can't get over the fairy garden. I need one... I mean, my kids need one =)

  2. Am only sort of getting to grips with Mr Hook and his chums but there's so-o-o many things that you have displayed that I want to get making right now. Glad I've found you.

  3. This will be perfect for the little Easter Eggs I am making right now. Thank you!!

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