Bobble Stitch

Bobbletastic! Head over to Tales from Cuckoo Land where you will find this fabulous bobble stitch tutorial. Possible bobble stitch patterns? Endless! You could make your very own Bobble Blanket. Don't you just love the ruffled edge on this one? So pretty! Find the bobble stitch how to here.


  1. Fabulous bobbles!!! Thanks for your sharing as always! :)
    Lovely day to you! xo

  2. That is really pretty!! thank you!

  3. Very exciting to see my tute featured here! Thank you! x

  4. You know...I JUST had a talk with myself whilst showering...and the discussion, while one sided, included a promise to finish off all my "started" projects before venturing down any other paths. And, darn it, if I'm not waffling now after seeing this! I want to start it RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I'm sick, I tell you, very, very sick! LOL Thanks for sharing...you ALWAYS find the best goodies! Hugs, Annette

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