Stash Basket

Is your stash busting? The Purl Bee has the perfect solution with this crocheted stash basket. I LOVE it and I love The Purl Bee! Think of all the other things you could do with your basket... Perfect for a day at the park, or an afternoon at the beach. And think how easy this would be to store. Just fold up and tuck away. Find the pattern here.


  1. That would make a beautiful Easter basket!

  2. Now that is one pretty basket! Too bad the Purl Bee is aaaaaallll the way out there and I am allll the way in Europe :'(

  3. There are endless uses for a basket like that! Especially for those of us who go camping.
    Thank you :0)
    Love Tickety-boo xx

  4. Oh my gosh, that's a drop-everything-and-start-it-right-now project. Which is what I'm doing as soon as I click "send". Thank you, so much, for sharing this! (Oh, if only my stash were as beautiful as that. Purl, you get it so right.)

  5. Sarah,
    this is such a beautiful basket. It could be used for so many things, but I have to say yarn would be the best! Happy weekend,

  6. that is so lovely - fantastic pointer to a new pattern - thanks for sharing - this is one that will be high on the to do list !

  7. Hi Sara, what a beautiful basket! And the yarn... hmmmm so lovely. Thank you for linking up to that site, it is great! I will visit more often for their great patterns.
    Have a lovely weekend,

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