Covered Stones

Have you seen these little urchin crochet covered sea stones at the Resurrection Fern? They are amazing! Margaret is sharing her mesmerizing covered stone tutorial at The Purl Bee. I must try this. Really really amazing! Find the pattern here.


  1. I'm thrilled to have this pattern, since it seems as though everyone is charging an arm and a leg to purchase one already made.

  2. Oh Sarah, aren't these lovely? Thanks for finding a pattern for us. The only thing is, you have to find a stone plain enough that you want to cover it up, and I nearly always seem to have my eye caught by beautifully marked or coloured ones!

  3. call me stupid, but what does one do with the covered stones? :(

  4. My girls love collecting rocks. This would be a fun way to add some color to their collection.

  5. I did see these in an issue of the magazine Crochet Today, and they certainly are pretty! To be completely honest I don't see the point of covered stones, but I love looking at them. :)

  6. This is indeed looking amazing Sara! Great for spring and summer found stones at the beach...
    And thank you for your sweet comment at creJJtion!
    Have a great week, love Maaike

  7. Hey Sara, isn't Margaret's work wonderful?

    Her covered stones are little works of art and would make great ornaments or paperweights. A group of them together would be very eyecatching.
    I have seen one of her patterns in Crochet Today magazine and gave it a whirl. She had me wading in the local creek looking for nice smooth stones. Hubby thought I was bonkers but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Claire :)

  8. Uses: My BFF and I took a trip to the ocean together. We gathered driftwood and rocks. I want to do this and send a stone back to her with a card to remind her of our special trip together. I have another girlfriend who lives in New Mexico and brings these as gifts to us when she visits. I have one sitting on my kitchen windowsill.

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