Tangled Happy Wands

Lots of creativity this week at the Tangled Happy household...
Remember my Tangled Happy Star? Well... They have become Tangled Happy Wands!!!
I love them! They turned out even more perfectly then I had imagined. My husband had to listen to me ooohhh and aaawww over them for several days. The girls and I had so much fun making these. They have also inspired lots of imaginative play. 
I decided it was well past time to embrace the snow and have a little winter fun. The snow was packing perfectly the day we created these snowpeople. It started with Betty (lower left). She inspired the creation of a whole family of snowpeople. Sally (upper left) is my absolute favorite snowperson of all time! Made me smile everyday this week when I returned home to admire our happy little snowfamily. Fun!


  1. Beautiful Wands! How did you attach the sticks to keep them secure? And very posh snowmen I might add.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hello friend!!! Oh my goodness!!! They are soooo great!!!! Magic wands are a staple in our home and our business. We could not survive without them. Good job!!!

  3. Oh yeah! I am sure even the fairies are jealous of your wands. LOVE the pics.

  4. Sarah,
    I love your wands and your snow people. I would love tohave them in my yard. I live in Florida so even if it is cold, no snow people for me. I finished my hexagon bag and I love it so much. I mentioned your blog on mine yesterday when I was talking about my bag. Thanks for your wonderful blog.....it is one of my favorites.
    Have a great day,

  5. I love those! What pattern did you use? My granddaughters would love to have those!!

  6. Perfect happy wands and your snowpeople are lovely ♥

  7. Your wands are adorable! I can imagine only so well that you HAD to OOOOOWWWWW and AAAAAHHHHHH about them for days......... Love them! X Floortje

  8. That is so fun!!! I tried to make a snowman with the early snow and it didn't packed at all!
    Your wands are marvellous!!!!

  9. Lovely wands! Love the colours!!!!!!

  10. Thanks for all your nice comments! We really did have so much fun making these. I will be posting a short tutorial for those of you who would be interested next week. Happy weekend! :)

  11. These are adorable! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm sure my husband never thought I would crochet him something either. Lol! I absolutely love the snowmen, they are so colorful, its a nice change to the dreary white mess. Lol! Have a great day!

  12. The wands are just STUNNING. I would like to give you the Stylish Blogger Award. Please come and pick it from my blog. Carina x

  13. Sara,
    Ill have you know that I am sitting here trying to think of a reason that I must have a wand for...........................................................................................................oh......it's coming............................yep.........
    well, JUST BECAUSE!


  14. These are not only cheery fun to look at, but must have delighted your girls so much! Kudos on a job well done! Fabulous idea!

  15. I think I need one of those. How completely fabulous!
    Julia x

  16. Sara! You have inspired me so much as a crochet beginner! I have managed to make a wand and am onto my second with an extension I have added to it. Just mentioned you in my blog and will do again and again I'd say. Thanks so much x PS if you visit you will see that I am very much a beginner in this game.


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