One Fish, Two Fish...

Have you visited Resurrection Fern? It is one of the most wonderfully creative inspiring blogs! You could make one of these beautiful merfish necklaces. I love the idea that my girls could go on outdoor adventures with their little merfish friend happily traveling along around their neck.
You could also make one or two or twenty of these simple little rock fish. I could get carried away with these. So simple and fun! I think these would make the perfect addition to our fairy gardens in the spring. What fairy wouldn't want a few of these swimming through their little garden? 
While visiting Inge at Lady Crochet I came across this little fish Rosie here on her blog. I fell in love with her. I think she is perfect. If you are in need of inspiration Inge's blog is full of fun, colorful, inspiring projects. 


  1. It's a great idea!So cute! ^_^
    I like it too much!

  2. those are such a good idea! I may make a few of those once the snow melts

  3. These are really cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing!!
    soooo cute!

  5. I found your blog through The Frog and The Owl's Blog. I love to Crochet and love your blog! I will be Following you too! I mostly blog about my Lap Band, and my daily life which includes Oil Painting and Crocheting!

  6. These look like so much fun! I'm off into the garden stone-hunting...

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