Granny Spike Stitch and More Little Heart Plushies...

More Bunny Mummy goodness. A new spiky granny square. Jacquie calls it the Granny Spike Stitch. A fun twist on a traditional granny square. I like it!
 And look what Jacquie did with the Little Heart Plushy pattern from Easy.
Here are her little hearts... 
And here is her little plushy heart creation... 

Aww... I love all things Bunny Mummy! 


  1. Love the spikey Granny Square - I love Granny squares so will have a go at that later. Bunny Mummy is a new blog for me as well so thank you!

    I made a couple of Easy's plushy hearts but I didn't do anything clever like that with them - must.try.harder!

  2. That cushion looks great and very fun!!! if only we could crochet aaaaall day to make more cute stuff!!!

  3. Hi Sara, what great blog tips you come up with all the time, I can hardly keep up with you AND crochet.....lol.

  4. I love how you still write and share about your day and experiences! You feel like such a real, nice, and humble person because of this!

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