Granny Shawl

Lally Lou Lou is sharing this Granny Shawl pattern. I seem to be loving all things granny right now. This is beautifully done! Louise is also sharing a video tutorial to help you get started with a magic loop. Very helpful! Find the pattern here.


  1. Hi Sara!

    That looks like a tempting blanket to make, Id like something easy and colourful to take me through the Christmas holidays so this might be just the thing!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog, you are absolutely welcome to use the tutorial, thank you very much!

    Sending love, and hope you have fun making the little trees!

    Julia x x x

  2. Hey thanks for showing the shawl here. I loved making it and it was relatively quick and fun.

  3. Sara,
    That shawl is amazing!!!! I don't think I am ready to take on a big project like that, but it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog I really appreciate your visit.
    Have a lovely day,

  4. Hello again Meredith! So happy to see you back again today. Louise's work is wonderful! No time right now for big projects either but I love admiring the beautiful creations of other!

  5. Louise, Thank you again for letting me share this here! :)

  6. Hello again Sara

    Yes, of course you can (toasty mitts tutorial) you are very welcome, and Im delighted and excited that you asked!!!

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

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