Bauble and Star Tutorial

Here is another wonderful idea from Attic 24. If you decide to stop by be prepared to spend some time there. You will fall head over heals in love with Lucy. She has the most wonderful, colorful, creative blog. And has a way of making even the simplest things seem so utterly lovely. She is so kind to be sharing the tutorial for these colorful Christmas decorations. Find the pattern here.


  1. These are so beautiful it almost inspires me to get a tree to hang them on, but you would have to make them for me, since I don't crochet much. Can't believe there were no other comments about these!

  2. I will make you some! But they may not be ready till next year. Since your my Mom I know you will understand. :) Love ya! :)

  3. So, cute! I love these and your tangled happy stars - especially the wands you made with them. I just found your blog, thanks to a friend, and I love it! Thanks for all the cute ideas.

  4. Welcome Babs! I'm so happy you found us. Attic24 is one of my all time favorite blogs and the wands are a favorite of mine as well. Happy Monday!

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