Chapstick / Lip Balm Cozy

I love these! A perfect gift for all the little ladies in my life. You can find the tutorial on Raverly. Clip them to your backpack, jeans, keychain, or anywhere you like and never be without your lip balm again. Find the pattern here.


  1. Their website isn't there anymore! Would you mind sharing the pattern please? Thanks! azstmpgoddess@yahoo.com

  2. Thanks for letting me know Marilyn. This pattern is now only available on Raverly as pdf download. I updated the links. Hope that helps!

  3. This looks wonderful. Ever since I had one of those spandex type ones yrs ago (that eventually slipped out the bottom), I've needed something for my daughter to carry her chapstick in so as NOT to lose it. This is perfect. :)

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